Neil Devine | Graphic Design

pr”-"ses noun: a series of actions or operations conducing to an end

What does process mean, really?
Process is more than a series of diagrams, a stack of documents, a flow chart. It's the way that I will work with you to help you meet your communication goals.

The first step in creating a successful solution that meets your communication needs is to find out what those needs are. By listening closely and working with you I can learn more about your goals and what it will take to create an effective communication solution.

It's important to research all the requirements for the project before design begins. Once all the requirements are defined, a solution can be proposed.

Time to put on the design hat. It's hard to define what happens at this point, but it usually involves intense thought, idealistic concepts, reality checks, caffeine, and lots and lots of sketches.

Once a clear direction has been presented to and selected by you, the project can enter the production phase. This is where ideas and design comps are turned into the final product.

When the final product leaves my hands and enters the world, the project isn't over. Communication is a two way street. Evaluation and the reaction of the average user can help us rethink and reshape both the project and future directions for your message.